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rate of return

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rate of returnˌrate of reˈturn noun [singular]  BBBFa company’s profit for a year, expressed as a percentage of the money that the company has spent during the year
Examples from the Corpus
rate of returnIn evaluating corporate performance an attempt will be made to link accounting rates of return to an internal rate of return.Annualized average rate of return after expenses for the past 30 days; not a forecast of future returns.As capital accumulated, the rate of return would fall.In most cases, R, is taken to be the rate of return on ninety-one-day Treasury bills.However, the composition of the rate of return differs for different firms.The rate of return on short-term Treasury bills is highly responsive to inflation.The yield to maturity is equivalent to the money-weighted rate of return or the internal rate of return on the bond.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrate of returnˌrate of reˈturn (plural rates of return) [countable]ACCOUNTINGFINANCE the amount of profit that a particular investment will make, expressed as a percentagea guaranteed rate of return of 7% return
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