2 verb
a) [transitive] to think that someone or something has a particular quality, value, or standard:
The company seems to rate him very highly (=think he is very good).
be rated (as) something
Rhodes is currently rated the top junior player in the country.
b) [intransitive] to be considered as having a particular quality, value, or standard
rate as
That rates as one of the best meals I've ever had.
2 [transitive] British English informal if you rate someone or something, you think they are very good:
I never rated him.

rate somebody's chances (of doing something)

British English spoken if you do not rate someone's chances of achieving something, you do not think that it is likely that they will achieve it:
I don't rate your chances of getting a ticket for the Leeds game.
How do you rate your chances tomorrow (=do you think you will be successful?)?
4 [transitive] informal especially American English to deserve something:
They rate a big thank-you for all their hard work.
a local incident that didn't rate a mention in the national press

be rated G/U/PG/X etc

AMF if a film is rated G, U etc, it is officially judged to be suitable or unsuitable for people of a particular age to see X-rated

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