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rather than

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrather thanrather thaninstead of I think you’d call it a lecture rather than a talk. Rather than go straight on to university why not get some work experience first? Bryson decided to quit rather than accept the new rules. rather
Examples from the Corpus
rather thanBryson decided to quit rather than accept the new rules.I prefer cooking with olive oil rather than butter.Lovers, for example, are generally kept apart by wars or political circumstances rather than by simple misunderstandings.And two who tip the scales to the angelic side are proposing to use bombing to plant forests rather than destroy them.Rather than driving around all day looking for somewhere to park, why don't you take a bus into town?Rather than fly directly to LA, why not stop in San Francisco first?We merely suggest or advise rather than give orders.There is no important theory-based reason why these countries rather than others were selected.Mr O'Connor, however, stressed the need for more effective policing rather than police numbers.It presumes that reality is dynamic rather than static, and therefore seeks relationships between ideas, to aim at synthesis.It points us to the theistic hypothesis rather than to the necessity hypothesis.Birds excrete uric acid rather than urea because it is an insoluble solid.She uses lemon rather than vinegar in her salad dressings.
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