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ratingrat‧ing /ˈreɪtɪŋ/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]AMOUNT a level on a scale that shows how good, important, popular etc someone or something is By the end of the year the prime minister’s approval rating (=how many people agreed with his policies) had fallen as low as 12 percent. credit rating2 the ratings3 [singular]AMF a letter that shows whether or not a film is suitable for children ‘The Godfather’ had an X-rating when it was first shown.4 [countable]PMN British English a sailor in the navy who is not an officerCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + rating highHis previous highest approval rating was 58 percent.lowThe rating he gave the restaurant was embarrassingly low.an approval/popularity ratingHis popularity rating remains high.a performance ratingThey received different pay increases even though their performance ratings were the same.a credit rating (=how likely someone is to pay their debts)We can’t give you the loan because you have a bad credit rating.a star rating (=a number of star symbols that shows a level of quality etc)Each restaurant is given a star rating.verbsgive somebody/something a ratingI'd only give this PC a rating of two out of five.receive/get/achieve/score a ratingThe Department of Computer Science received a top rating last year.a rating rises/climbsThe president's approval ratings have risen considerably. a rating fallsHis rating fell to only 28%.
Examples from the Corpus
ratingStaying above the fray, he has gone about his duties and watched his approval ratings rise.The President's approval rating rose to 78%.In the effort to bolster ratings at all costs, journalistic standards have been lowered.The five categories of fires, plus their efficiency ratings, are described below.The other likely source for the differences in ratings is that subjects interpreted the normality task differently in the two situations.Similar factors explain newspaper ratings also.And those high poll ratings, they argued, translate into more power in negotiations with Congress.NBC's new comedy had the highest television rating this season.Readers will doubtless already be well aware that the voltage ratings quoted for electrolytic capacitors are really quite important.With ratings down, however, the show last fall refocused on investigative reporting and celebrity interviews and stopped paying for stories.Almodovar's film was given an X rating in the U.S.approval ratingWhen Mr Estrada took office in 1998 his approval rating was 60 %.Staying above the fray, he has gone about his duties and watched his approval ratings rise.His approval ratings may even go down.Clinton has rarely had better than a 40 percent job approval rating in Texas public opinion polls since that election.In Michigan, he has a 63 percent approval rating.Republicans have been careful not to dismiss the proposals of a re-elected president enjoying high public approval ratings.Pastrana's approval rating has fallen since he took office in 1998.
From Longman Business Dictionaryratingrat‧ing /ˈreɪtɪŋ/ noun1[countable] a level on a scale that shows how good, important, or popular something or someone isThe President’s popularity rating has never been higher.The show is several ratings points ahead of its nearest rival. average audience rating security rating2[countable]FINANCE a measurement of the risk of lending to a company etc, calculated by an independent organization called a RATINGS AGENCYStandard and Poor’s downgraded (=reduced) the rating on Pacific’s commercial paper to single-A-3 from single-A-2.Moody’s upgraded (=improved) its rating on Disney’s senior debt to double-A-3 from single-A-2. AAA rating Best rating credit rating debt rating Standard & Poor's rating3[countable]FINANCE an estimate of the future profitability of investing in a particular companyKidder Peabody recommended Texas Instruments stock, which carries the firm’s highest investment rating. bond rating buy rating hold rating security rating sell rating4 (also insurance rating) [countable]INSURANCE a measurement of the risk of loss, used to calculate how much will be charged for insurance fleet rating5the ratings [plural] a measurement of how many people watch a television programme or listen to a radio programmeCBS Evening News slipped to second place in the ratings.NBC’s ratings dropped 3% in November.6[countable] the class in which a ship or machine is placed, according to its size