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ravenousrav‧e‧nous /ˈrævənəs/ adjective  DFHBHvery hungrystarving I’m absolutely ravenous. a ravenous appetiteravenously adverb I was ravenously hungry.
Examples from the Corpus
ravenousAfter the first spoonful of the thick and satisfying minestrone, Luce found she was ravenous.Her small gold watch showed almost noon when she awoke, refreshed and ravenous.Things always looked better on a full stomach, and right now she was ravenous.When they awoke on the third morning, they were ravenous.The boys ran in, ravenous after their game.He crawls up to her on all fours like a gentle but ravenous bear and begins to nuzzle her.The normally grass-rich ranges are barren, chewed down to dust by ravenous cattle.Towards the end he was ravenous for status.I felt the ravenous spell of the place.
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