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rayonray‧on /ˈreɪɒn $ -ɑːn/ noun [uncountable]  TIMa smooth artificial cloth used for making clothes a rayon shirt
Examples from the Corpus
rayonSpectacular examples of this are rayon and float glass.New blends of hemp, cotton, rayon and silk are also being developed, further diversifying the utility of the plant.The talks were closely monitored via mobile phone, and a bonfire of tyres and bobbins of rayon was kept burning.Lash-building Contain nylon or rayon filaments making eyelashes look thicker.She was in the middle of wringing the water out of a red rayon skirt she had been washing at the kitchen sink.Other widely used tampons produced by Tambrands and other companies are made with absorbent viscose rayon and cotton.Viscose rayon is commonly used in tampons because it is highly absorbent and can be compressed for use in slimmer tampons.Viscose rayon was linked to toxic shock syndrome in a 1994 study by two New York University researchers.
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