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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrazor-sharpˌrazor-ˈsharp adjective  1 very sharp razor-sharp teethsee thesaurus at sharp2 intelligent and able to think quickly He has a razor-sharp mind.
Examples from the Corpus
razor-sharpHis sword was a wicked weapon, three feet in length and razor-sharp.The twist of pain was razor-sharp, but the words had acted like a cold shower.But the other was swollen and half closed, with a Technicolor bruise below it right down to her razor-sharp cheekbone.I loved the pointy beard and razor-sharp eyes, the pearl earring fixed in his left lobe.a razor-sharp hunting knifeA razor-sharp line divided the quick from the newly grown.He was known for his brilliance, for his razor-sharp mind and for being a wonderful preacher.The bomb detonated with a sharp crack, sending tiny but razor-sharp pieces of metal into the backs of the gun crews.She trembled at the razor-sharp sleet of misery: losing Lucy.Over millions of years, some of the reptiles developed razor-sharp teeth.
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