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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrere1 /riː/ preposition written formal  ABOUTused in business letters to introduce the subject re your enquiry of the 19th Octobersee thesaurus at about
Examples from the Corpus
reTo: John Deacon. From: Maria Soames. Re: computer system.Re planning meeting on Friday, please bring sales figures.re your e-mail dated November 27th
rere2 /reɪ/ noun [singular]  the second note in a musical scale sol-fare-re- /riː/ prefix 1 AGAINagain They’re rebroadcasting the play.2 AGAINagain in a better way She asked me to redo the essay.3 PASTback to a former state After years of separation they were finally reunited.'re're /ə $ ər/XXthe short form of ‘are’
Related topics: Religion, School
RERE /ˌɑːr ˈiː/ noun [uncountable] British English  RRSES (Religious Education) a subject taught in schools
From Longman Business Dictionaryrere /riː/ preposition concerning; used in business letters and notes to introduce the subject that you are writing aboutRe: your complaint dated April 8.ReRe /riː/ noun [uncountable] INSURANCEabbreviation for REINSURANCE (=when an insurance company arranges to share a large insurance risk with other companies), often used in the names of reinsurance companiesMunich Re, the world’s biggest reinsurer
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