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read/shout etc something out (loud)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishread/shout etc something out (loud)read/shout etc something out (loud)SAYto say something in a voice that is loud enough for others to hear Someone called out my name. We all listened as he read the statement out loud. out
Examples from the Corpus
read/shout etc something out (loud)She brings her notes about it to the meeting and reads them out.North read it out at his trial four years later as evidence of approval, but it was all delightfully vague.He shouts her out into the street for a harlot.Laura listened attentively while Yoyo read the speech out loud, and in the end, her eyes were glistening too.He read it out loud to his colleagues, quite sarcastically, expecting them to agree that it was ridiculous.Everything I had read before turned out to be outdated.He comes up to my room in the evenings so that I can read them out to him.We can read the books children are reading, find out what happens in class, ask what the guidance counselor said.
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