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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreadilyread‧i‧ly /ˈredəli/ ●●○ W3 adverb  1 EASYquickly and easily Boats are readily available to visitors. The information is readily accessible on the Internet.2 WILLINGquickly, willingly, and without complaining Jack readily agreed to help.
Examples from the Corpus
readilyAnd, they will help snow slide off the roof more readily.By some lucky balance of nature, the Alpha rays, although deadly, can not penetrate matter readily.Beth was very tired and readily accepted a seat when it was offered.He readily agreed to all our suggestions.McGrath readily agreed to go.Fresh cilantro is readily available in most supermarkets.This type is not readily available - its mourning connotations have made it unfashionable.Figures for Steve Forbes were not readily available.Punkish local kids may all too readily be confused with big-city operators.Food without frontiers is the norm now with quiche, tacos or tapas and coronation chicken readily supplied by outside caterers.Parsons readily took responsibility for the show's failure.readily availableDeck chairs and lounge seats were readily available.Non-computer users relied on printed reports which were readily available.Other local hospitals did not have figures readily available.In addition, a number of books on life insurance are readily available at public libraries.The system uses new but readily available technology developed for the pop music industry.This information must be readily available to members.One was to keep the materials and equipment close to the classroom where they could be readily available to teachers and learners.Other information which should be readily available to the learner includes nursing records.
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