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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreadinessread‧i‧ness /ˈredinəs/ noun  1 [uncountable]READY when you are prepared for something, or when something is ready to be usedin readiness (for something) They stacked the firewood in readiness for the evening campfire.2 [singular, uncountable]WILLING willingness to do somethingreadiness to do something He stressed the government’s readiness to take tough action against terrorists.
Examples from the Corpus
readinessThe need is for objective introspection, candor regarding shortcomings, and a readiness to change.But such a love implies a deeper readiness of understanding, a higher spiritual development than the first.The people ready were picked up refers to a temporary state of readiness.But the chairman's readiness to provide the cash for Chapman's shopping was to prove his downfall.William's readiness to make money out of Yorick still seemed rather tasteless.It soon became apparent that a crucial factor was the readiness of interviewees to take up areas referred to in the questions.Nor was it enough for Donna, whose readiness and enthusiasm came from her participation before the decision.in readiness (for something)The antibodies will then float around our bloodstream in readiness for years, just waiting for the real disease to come along.I had the kettle boiled in readiness.These programs will be stored by the computer in readiness for use by the specific location.The crackle of the smooth white sheets, already turned down in readiness on the immaculate bed.An election could come at any time, and policies across the board were being honed in readiness.The gospel calls us to live in readiness for that hour.Out in the kitchen preparations were already taking place in readiness for the lunch-time trade.As he kicks, he changes his hand-guard position in readiness for a counter-attack.readiness to do somethingThe only requirements are patience, a willingness to learn and a readiness to let go of the habits of a lifetime.He is small for his age with large brown eyes, a toothy smile, sloping shoulders and a readiness to please.Alternatively, an apparent readiness to change may conceal an intention to resist in concerted action with others.Those that are particularly good at judging readiness to mate may wind up with a lot more offspring.Like some hypocrites in tragedy, Angelo's readiness to dissemble could be checked by his conscience.But the chairman's readiness to provide the cash for Chapman's shopping was to prove his downfall.They lack the readiness to respond in a positive way to the complex social and emotional demands of school.And the figure includes only those companies that have publicly admitted their readiness to sell.Both sides expressed their readiness to begin peace talks.
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