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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreadingread‧ing /ˈriːdɪŋ/ ●●● W2 noun  1 activity/skill [uncountable]READ the activity or skill of understanding written words She loves reading. Reading is taught using a combination of several methods.2 books [uncountable]TCNREAD books and other things that you can read Her main reading seems to be mystery novels. a bit of light reading (=things that are easy and enjoyable to read) for my holiday There’s a list of further reading (=other things you can read) at the end of each chapter. a supply of interesting reading material3 act of reading [singular]READ when you read something The book is quite difficult on first reading. a close reading of the text (=when you read it very carefully)4 understanding [countable]OPINION your way of understanding what a particular statement, situation, event etc means syn interpretationreading of What’s your reading of the government’s response to this crisis?5 to a group [countable] a) ALan occasion when a piece of literature is read to a group of people a poetry reading at the bookstore b) ALRRCa piece of writing, especially from the Bible, that is read to a group of people The first reading is from Corinthians I, Chapter 3.
6 make (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc reading7 measurement [countable]TMMEASURE a number or amount shown on a measuring instrument We take temperature readings every two hours.8 in parliament [countable]PGP one of the occasions in the British Parliament or the US Congress when a suggested new law is discussed the second reading of the Energy Bill
Examples from the Corpus
readingHandouts and additional reading will be provided in class.Even a casual reading of the text gives you an idea of the theme.an energetic reading of Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony"The children are separated into groups for reading.It was no good; reading at this moment in time was the last thing she felt like.His hobbies include reading and hiking.The electricity meter reading was much higher than I'd expected.My reading of the situation is that this conflict is likely to get worse over the next few months.It has crucial importance for the accommodative phase of reading progress.Our reading today is about sharing.I fancy it comes from over reading, so I do as little as I can.a poetry readingWe use atmospheric pressure readings from barometers to forecast the weather.What's George's reading of the situation at work?Sometimes the second reading, usually made from the Apostolic writings, had the same theme especially in Lent or Advent.Temperature readings were as cold as -2°.Complicity between the two personae is betrayed by using the reading performed to justify the choice made.What's your reading of the latest trade figures?light readingHe appears to enjoy light reading.For light reading, I borrow from the hotel library.They were very glad to borrow the few Penguin books we brought along with us, even though they are not particularly light reading.I heave an armchair into the kitchen, lay out some light reading, and prepare a flask of coffee.The cameraman is taking light readings and setting his lenses.on first readingThe interpretation of these posters, at least on first reading, required a certain amount of problem solving activity.This is a sweeping statement which makes little obvious sense on first reading, so let us dissect it more carefully.take ... readingsWe can take final readings and decide on an official union line when we know all the facts.By November Hawkins was working on it seriously, operating the cells, taking readings with Pons showing supervisory interest.The cameraman is taking light readings and setting his lenses.To get a realistic background measurement required, at least, taking readings at the cell site when the cell was not operating.That would mean taking readings in homes and in streets in parts of the city worst hit by the car.For example, the researchers set up the apparatus hours and even days before they took the final readings.But they were not allowed to take readings off the island of Novaya Zemlya, a former Soviet nuclear testing site.On the ground, another array of instruments to take yet more readings.