read‧ing W2


[uncountable] the activity or skill of understanding written words:
She loves reading.
Reading is taught using a combination of several methods.


[uncountable]TCN books and other things that you can read:
Her main reading seems to be mystery novels.
a bit of light reading (=things that are easy and enjoyable to read) for my holiday
There's a list of further reading (=other things you can read) at the end of each chapter.
a supply of interesting reading material

act of reading

[singular] when you read something:
The book is quite difficult on first reading.
a close reading of the text (=when you read it very carefully)


[countable] your way of understanding what a particular statement, situation, event etc means [= interpretation]
reading of
What's your reading of the government's response to this crisis?

to a group

a) AL an occasion when a piece of literature is read to a group of people:
a poetry reading at the bookstore
b) ALRRC a piece of writing, especially from the Bible, that is read to a group of people:
The first reading is from Corinthians I, Chapter 3.

make (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc reading

to be interesting etc to read:
Your report made fascinating reading.


[countable]TM a number or amount shown on a measuring instrument:
We take temperature readings every two hours.

in parliament

[countable]PGP one of the occasions in the British Parliament or the US Congress when a suggested new law is discussed:
the second reading of the Industrial Relations Bill

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