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reading/printed etc matter

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreading/printed etc matterreading/printed etc matterTCNthings that are written for people to read As well as textbooks and other printed matter, courses may include video and audio cassettes. matter
Examples from the Corpus
reading/printed etc matterThus the best libretto ever written for the best opera ever written is scarcely tolerable as reading matter.There were also other changes, such as in available reading matter.The noble Lord is not, you understand a personal friend of mine: just my current reading matter.Armed with the knowledge gleaned from reading matter and known computer buffs I travelled far and wide.Typographer a specialist in the design of printed matter, and in particular the art of typography.Typography the design and planning of printed matter using type.I was grateful for the information you conveyed regarding Heather's reading matter on Rhodes.But they also noted whether there was reading matter in the house.
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