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ready money/cash

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishready money/cashready money/cashMONEYmoney that you can spend immediately The company is short of ready cash. ready
Examples from the Corpus
ready money/cashHe was only willing to sell it for ready cash.I pass up a roadside rest area, a happy hunting ground for new cars and ready cash.Less need for travelers' checks at many destinations because of the growing availability of automated teller machines worldwide dispensing ready cash.There is not so much ready cash in my treasury.Phagu clipped the goats and wound the hair into skeins which he would sell for ready cash in town.With ready cash in your bank account you can spend the money as you want.Both have so far proved effective, which shows that ready cash is more versatile than credit cards and cheque books.Any peasant short of ready money now had to resort to a usurer.
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