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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreal-lifeˈreal-life adjective [only before noun]  actually happening in life, not invented in a book a real-life drama real-life problems
Examples from the Corpus
real-lifeMark Little is Joe Mangle's alterego, the real-life actor who was doing comedy for nearly a decade before Neighbours.Maxwell also has found fulfillment drawing the real-life dramas of the courtroom.The family dynamics of the characters are subtly enhanced by the real-life relationship of the actors.Even if the case is founded on a real-life situation, we only know what happened when the organization tried one solution.The performances of each of the 700 real players are based on real-life skills and attributes.But the movie character and the real-life teacher do share a mutual dream of earning their livings as composers of music.Now David Adams is a real-life victim.
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