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realismreal‧is‧m /ˈrɪəlɪzəm/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 REAL/NOT IMAGINARYthe ability to accept and deal with difficult situations in a practical way, based on what is possible rather than what you would like to happen He has hope, but also a scientist’s sense of realism.2 the quality of being or seeming real the realism of the horses on the carousel3 (also Realism)A the style of art and literature in which things, especially unpleasant things, are shown or described as they really are in lifeidealism, romanticism the tough realism of his early works
Examples from the Corpus
realismYou talk about achieving a balance between idealism and realism as if we already have a perfect one.And realism, it is argued, is a poor basis for belief.These exchanges are a ground-breaking insight for neo-conservative realism.Sometimes, it is not the serpentine plots, but the dramatic realism that requires a second viewing.The battle scenes are described with extraordinary realism.His style combines plain language and gritty realism.His realism was not the realism of his forebears.Audiences become attached to soaps that have a strong sense of social realism.It fostered an atmosphere of intimidation and blackmail within which realism came to sound like racism.However, their idealism is tempered with realism.
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