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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrealisticallyrea‧lis‧tic‧ally /rɪəˈlɪstɪkli/ adverb  1 SENSIBLEif you think about something realistically, you think about it in a practical way and according to what is actually possible You can’t realistically expect to win the whole competition.[sentence adverb] Realistically, we’re not going to get this finished this week.2 REAL/NOT IMAGINARYif you describe or show something realistically, you describe or show it as it is in real life realistically painted toy soldiers The novel realistically depicts immigrant life at the beginning of the last century
Examples from the Corpus
realisticallyThat is, what can be realistically added is relatively small, in the range of ten or fifteen percent.Hopefully, it seeps down to your bones and then you can portray somebody like this accurately and as realistically as possible.Neither economic stabilisation, nor political calm, can realistically be achieved before the elections happen.This becomes worse when hierarchies are made realistically complex to reflect real-world data relationships.Once this is done, the writer should observe how realistically each study phase can be completed.You can realistically expect to pay between $25 and $50 a ticket.Audio visual and special effects will allow visitors to realistically experience life at sea.Proulx's novel realistically portrays life in early 20th century America.May and June are, realistically, the most opportune time for such projects.The time schedule or calendar is another indication of how carefully and realistically the proposal has been developed.Realistically, there was not much we could do to help.
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