re‧al‧i‧ty S2 W2 plural realities
1 [uncountable and countable] what actually happens or is true, not what is imagined or thought:
the distinction between fantasy and reality
TV is used as an escape from reality.
I think the government has lost touch with reality (=no longer understands what is real or true).
political realities
harsh/grim/stark reality
Millions of people live with the harsh realities of unemployment.
the reality is that
The reality is that young people will not go into teaching until salaries are higher.
The paperless office may one day become a reality.

in reality

used to say that something is different from what people think:
In reality, violent crimes are still extremely rare.
3 [uncountable] the fact that something exists or is happening:
She had never accepted the reality of her pregnancy.

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