Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: réaliser, from Old French real; REAL1


rea‧lize S1 W1 also realise British English [transitive not usually in progressive]


to know and understand something, or suddenly begin to understand it
realize (that)
I suddenly realized that the boy was crying.
Do you realize you're an hour late?
realize who/what/how etc
I'm sorry, I didn't realize who you were.
It took us a while to realize the extent of the tragedy.
It was only later that I realized my mistake.


formal to achieve something that you were hoping to achieve:
She never realized her ambition of winning an Olympic gold medal.
a young singer who has not yet realized her full potential (=achieved as much as she can achieve)

somebody's worst fears were realized

used to say that the thing that you were most afraid of has actually happened:
His worst fears were realized when he heard that Chris had been arrested.


a) B formal to obtain or earn an amount of money:
The campaign realized $5000.
We realized a small profit on the sale of the house.
b) B

realize an asset

technical to change something that you own into money by selling it

realize, recognize
If you realize a fact, you know and understand it, or begin to understand it Do you realize how dangerous this is? I realized that the job was going to take longer than I thought. If you recognize a fact or problem, you accept that it exists We recognize that many students need extra help. The government does not recognize the need for more funding.!! Realize is not followed by 'about' or 'of' She already had a boyfriend, but I didn't realize this (NOT didn't realize about this).

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