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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_741_zreallyreal‧ly /ˈrɪəli/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 veryVERY very syn extremely a really good film It was really cold last night. He walks really slowly. I’m really, really sorry.RegisterReally is especially frequent in spoken English. In writing, people usually prefer to use very or extremely to emphasize an adjective, or very much to emphasize a verb: a really dangerous activity → a very dangerous activity | I really enjoyed the play. → I enjoyed the play very much.2 the real situationTRUE used when you are talking about what actually happened or is true, rather than what people might wrongly think Why don’t you tell us what really happened? Oliver’s not really her brother. I never know what he’s really thinking. She seems unfriendly at first, but she’s really very nice.SPOKEN PHRASES3 definitelyCERTAINLY/DEFINITELY used to emphasize something you are saying We really need that extra money. I really don’t mind. I’m absolutely fine, Dad – really.4 not true used in questions when you are asking someone if something is true and suggesting that you think it is not true syn honestly Do you really think she’s doing this for your benefit? Do you really expect me to believe that?5 a) SURPRISED really? used to show that you are surprised by what someone has said ‘He’s Canadian.’ ‘Really?’ b) INTERESTED really? used in conversation to show that you are listening to or interested in what the other person is saying ‘We had a great time in Florida.’ ‘Really? How lovely.’ c) American EnglishAGREE used to show that you agree with someone ‘Glen can be such a jerk.’ ‘Yeah, really!’ d) especially British EnglishDISAPPROVE used to show that you are angry or disapprove of something Really, Larry, you might have told me!6 not really7 should/ought really8 really and truly
Examples from the Corpus
reallyHe failed his tests, but he's quite a bright guy, really.Are you sure she's really a lawyer? She doesn't act like one.Is your cousin really a movie star?I don't think she really believes she can win.Yet it was not really cold here; the temperature was well above freezing point.It's really cold out there.He really doesn't trust me, does he?It's all so long ago now, it's difficult to believe that any of it really happened.You really have to be ready for something like that.I'm always really hungry by noon.No, really, I'm fine. Don't worry.Don't trust James -- all he's really interested in is your money.His letter really irritated her.My kids would really like this.She used to really like those shopping trips to Nordstrom.If they don't know what they do that you really like, you leave them guessing.I really like your new haircut.But the tenure decision was really made because of my teaching.Really, Matt, did you have to make such a mess?It doesn't really matter, does it?This is a dazzlingly entertaining novel, spirited in all ways, and really, really mean.Only now, he reflected, was he beginning to feel really secure.The objectors really should reflect more on the alternatives.Do you think she's really sorry?Do you really want to come with us? It'll be very boring for you.Neither of us really wanted to stay in Texas, but we couldn't leave his family at that time.Considering this was your first time, I think you did really well.
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