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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRealtorReal‧tor, realtor /ˈrɪəltə, -tɔː $ -ər, -ɔːr/ noun [countable] trademark American English  x-refa real estate agent
Examples from the Corpus
RealtorWe contacted a realtor, Anne Sanford, and told her we wanted to live on a lake.We had a Realtor call one day who said he wanted to buy 100 statues.She has already received her certified residential specialist and graduate realtors institute designations.Well, to be strictly truthful, camp had already been made for us by some hi-tech realtors.Get up there and visit all the realtors who have offices in those towns.I called the realtor, and he brought over a rich dentist from Philadelphia, and it was done.An award-winning realtor in a fern-green suit.
From Longman Business DictionaryRealtorReal‧tor /ˈrɪəltə, -tɔː-tər, -tɔːr/ noun [countable] American English trademarkJOBPROPERTY a member of the National Association of Realtors; a person whose job is to sell houses or land for other people SYN REAL ESTATE AGENT, REAL ESTATE BROKER see also board of realtors
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