rea‧son‧a‧ble S1 W2
1 fair and sensible [≠ unreasonable]:
a reasonable request
Be reasonable - you can't expect her to do all the work on her own!
I thought it was a perfectly reasonable (=completely reasonable) question.
it is reasonable to do something
It seems reasonable to assume they've been tested.
He had reasonable grounds (=good reasons but no proof) for believing the law had been broken.
2 fairly good, but not especially good [= average]:
She has a reasonable chance of doing well in the exam.
3 a reasonable amount is fairly large:
I've got a reasonable amount of money saved.
4 reasonable prices are not too high [= fair]:
good food at a reasonable price

beyond (a) reasonable doubt

lawSCL if something is proved beyond reasonable doubt, it is shown to be almost certainly true
reasonableness noun [uncountable]
reasonable not too expensive
used about cars, systems, or methods that do not cost a lot of money to use
be good value
to be well worth the price you pay
be a bargain
to be very cheap

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