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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreasonablyrea‧son‧a‧bly /ˈriːzənəbli/ ●●○ S3 W3 adverb  1 [+adj/adverb]QUITE/FAIRLY quite or to a satisfactory degree, but not completely The car is in reasonably good condition. He’s doing reasonably well at school.2 FAIRin a way that is right or fair He can’t reasonably be expected to have known that.3 SENSIBLEin a sensible way Despite her anger, she had behaved very reasonably.
Examples from the Corpus
reasonablyThe several criticisms of the market economy are reasonably accurate and certainly too serious to ignore.It was the high-school students who reasonably and responsibly found a solution to the problem.Most industrial tribunal buildings are purpose built and are reasonably comfortably equipped.Thus the minimum cost of a reasonably diversified portfolio would be 30,000-40,000.How long before we can reasonably expect to see any improvement?Chao is still in reasonably good health.Dad's in reasonably good shape for a 68-year-old.These securities are short-term, highly liquid securities with reasonably high yields.Kevin is a hard worker and reasonably intelligent but he has never been promoted.Another might reasonably reply that because we are animals, creatures of nature, consciousness and nature are inseparable.You can buy a proprietary mix that will provide end residues that balance reasonably well - eventually.The current state of Earth, some 4. 7 billion years later, is reasonably well known to us.She speaks Spanish reasonably well.A commonly proposed and reasonably workable alternative to constant per unit prices is the two-part tariff structure.
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