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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrebirthre‧birth /ˌriːˈbɜːθ $ -ɜːrθ/ noun  1 [singular] formalSTART something/MAKE something START when an important idea, feeling, or organization becomes strong or popular againrebirth of a rebirth of nationalism in the region2 [uncountable] when something or someone becomes alive again after dyingreborn the cycle of birth, death and rebirth
Examples from the Corpus
rebirthMancini, who died in 1994 after a long fight with cancer, is undergoing something of a rebirth.The 1980s saw a rebirth of conservative thinking.This decade, however, has spawned a rebirth of sorts.Snakes were universally powerful fertility and rebirth symbols.A people which grasps its sense of nationality with pleasure and love can always celebrate its rebirth.Virtue came to follow and issue from spiritual rebirth, not to replace it or precede it.spiritual rebirthEven after the Renaissance and the rebirth of learning had reached these shores ears were still having a rough ride.Others believe it marks the rebirth of a more catholic, mystical, even medieval spirituality.
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