1 verb
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reā€§call1 S3 W2

remember something

[intransitive,transitive not in progressive] to remember a particular fact, event, or situation from the past:
You don't happen to recall his name, do you?
recall (that)
I seem to recall I've met him before somewhere.
recall doing something
I don't recall seeing any cars parked outside.
recall what/how/where etc
I can't recall who gave me the information.
As I recall, it was you who suggested this idea in the first place.


[transitive]PGO to officially tell someone to come back to a place or group
recall somebody to something
Cole was recalled to the squad to replace the injured Quinn.
recall somebody from something
The Ambassador was recalled from Washington.


[transitive]BB if a company recalls one of its products, it asks people who have bought it to return it because there may be something wrong with it:
The cars had to be recalled due to an engine fault.


[transitive] to bring information back onto the screen of a computer

be similar to something

[transitive] if something recalls something else, it makes you think of it because it is very similar:
The furnishings recall the 1960s.


[transitive] American English to vote to remove someone from their political position

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