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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreceivablesre‧ceiv‧a‧bles /rɪˈsiːvəbəlz/ noun [plural]  amounts of money that are owed to a company
Examples from the Corpus
receivablesA prepayment of 75% against receivables of £670,000 more than met this amount.The health-insurance holding concern said it will use proceeds from the two-year, adjustable-rate line to finance agents' receivables.You have to learn to estimate capital expenditures, cash flow, and receivables.Olympic said it will use the additional line of credit to finance the daily purchase of auto receivables prior to securitization.The bank purchased $110 million in credit card receivables.Banks are issuing a stream of securities backed by mortgages, credit-card receivables and other assets stripped off their balance sheets.These do not have the capital to carry large volumes of receivables.Another newish rule forces most of a card's receivables to be held by the issuing company, not its parent.
From Longman Business Dictionaryreceivablesre‧ceiv‧a‧bles /rɪˈsiːvəbəlz/ noun [plural]ACCOUNTING amounts of money due to be paid to a company SYN ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLEThe company recently collected more than £30 million in overdue foreign receivables.
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