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receive an injury/blow

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreceive an injury/blowreceive an injury/blowformal to be injured or hit receive
Examples from the Corpus
receive an injury/blowAs they straighten, curve the spine and pull in the tummy, as if you have just received a blow.He went down to protest and himself began to receive blows.Ben stood transfixed with disbelief, his mouth open, as if he had received a blow across it.Agnes went to pick her up and received a blow from an elbow that sent her across the room.Wilson received an injury in the third minute, but that didn't hamper his stand on the game.His adventure began during a practice game against the Minnesota Vikings when he received a blow to the head.It was almost as if I had received a blow to the heart.For his outspokenness, he received a blow to the skull which sent him reeling.
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