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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreceivedre‧ceived /rɪˈsiːvd/ adjective [only before noun]  formalCORRECT accepted or considered to be correct by most peoplereceived opinion/wisdom etc (=the opinion most people have) The received wisdom is that he will retire within the next year.
Examples from the Corpus
receivedSuch a search will involve itself of course with received institutions; certainly it will go beyond them.Sontag's articles challenged received notions about photography.Innovation, as so often in the market itself, is seen primarily within these received terms.received opinion/wisdom etcAnd as Mr Blunkett has found, academic findings often run counter to received wisdom.His entire performance is magnificently unsettling and is no sense the Liszt Sonata of received wisdom.These were repeated daily by journalists until they became the received opinion, a sign of belonging to the crowd.They became part of received wisdom, and to some extent, they remain so.I am, in this regard, simply challenging received wisdom as to which is the chicken and which the egg.Out of sheer perversity, the thinking human seems impelled to say something contrary to whatever received opinion has been yelling at him.This is what received wisdom says.There may be, too, a sottovoce challenge to the received wisdom that it is people who cause desertification.