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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreceiverre‧ceiv‧er /rɪˈsiːvə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 telephoneTCT the part of a telephone that you hold next to your mouth and earhandsetpick up/lift the receiver She picked up the receiver and dialled his number.put down/replace the receiver2 businessBBCBF British English someone who is officially in charge of a business or company that is bankruptan official/administrative receiver The business is in the hands of the receivers.3 stolen propertySCC someone who buys and sells stolen property4 radio formalTCB a radio or television, or other equipment which receives signals a satellite receiver5 American footballDSA a player in American football who is in a position to catch the ball
Examples from the Corpus
receiverLater they became insolvent and a receiver was appointed.Clark was recruited out of Ricks by then-Stanford coach Bill Walsh, who intended to use Clark primarily as a receiver.Stewart has lined up at quarterback, running back and receiver.Carlson is the court-appointed receiver for the firm.Reaching over the reception desk, he lifted the telephone receiver.By investing products with meanings from other sign systems, Williamson argues that receivers are caught up in an ideological bind.Cory slammed down the receiver.Slowly she replaced the receiver, wondering why did the past always eventually find you-sometime?The gift should be something the receiver will like.Rising slowly like an automaton, she made her way over to the counter and picked up the receiver.One is on injured reserve: wide receiver Charles Johnson.pick up/lift the receiverShe could roll over the bed and pick up the receiver.I ran out into the hallway, picked up the receiver, and it was Minna.In the hallway my hand trembled as I picked up the receiver.Her mind made up, she picked up the receiver and dialled the number of the separate school.Ven was her first thought when she picked up the receiver.She picked up the receiver and dialled Tom's number.She picked up the receiver and spoke into it.She picked up the receiver, dialled Giles Carnaby's number, and then replaced the receiver before the connection was made.
From Longman Business Dictionaryreceiverre‧ceiv‧er /rɪˈsiːvə-ər/ noun [countable]1 (also official receiver British English)LAW someone who is chosen by a court to be in charge of a business or property for someone else. This is done when a business is bankrupt, when a PARTNERSHIP ends, or when people disagree about who owns somethingA £100 million bid for the bankrupt supermarket company was accepted by the receiver.The company is now in the hands of the receivers.2someone who buys and sells stolen propertya known receiver of stolen goods
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