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receivershipre‧ceiv‧er‧ship /rɪˈsiːvəʃɪp $ -vər-/ noun [uncountable]  BBCBFif a business is in receivership, it is controlled by an official receiver because it has no money The company went into receivership with massive debts.
Examples from the Corpus
receivershipAfter being refused funds by its banks, Mowat was placed in receivership.The courts, after all, could destroy the International Union: they could put us in receivership.The other directors wanted Lincoln to go into receivership.But it was sold to Tranwood Consortium late last year for just £1.6 million, just before going into receivership.The hotel in Deganwy where the reception is to be held has gone into receivership.Landhurst went into receivership earlier this year.Founded in 1984, this company lasted until 1986 before it, too, went into receivership.Counsel for the receivers argued that until they had terminated the receivership, B and L could not control them.went into receivershipThey could not secure enough cash quickly and despite several last ditch attempts, went into receivership.Landhurst went into receivership earlier this year.Lincoln went into receivership and was put up for sale on 4 February, 1922.The company subsequently went into receivership and the bank called in the personal guarantees.It subsequently went into receivership in that same year, with estimated debts of more than £5 million.Founded in 1984, this company lasted until 1986 before it, too, went into receivership.The bank, which went into receivership on Feb. 2, was reported to be missing around F80,000,000.
From Longman Business Dictionaryreceivershipre‧ceiv‧er‧ship /rɪˈsiːvəʃɪp-vər-/ noun [uncountable]LAWFINANCE when a business is put under the control of a receiver, especially because it is bankruptThe company has since gone into receivership.The business is now threatened with receivership.
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