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receivingre‧ceiv‧ing /rɪˈsiːvɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] British English  SCCthe crime of buying and selling stolen goods
Examples from the Corpus
receivingShe was taller, if anything, than Catherine, and was still dressed for afternoon receiving.These are: receiving, responding, valuing, organisation, characterisation by value complex.The main division is that between receiving and the rest of the sub-section: per Lord Bridge in Bloxham.In fact, the salespeople in this study were very mobile; they were constantly receiving lucrative offers to join competitors.The topic of catastrophic illness is currently receiving considerable media and political attention.There is also an audiovisual language laboratory and facilities for receiving and recording satellite transmissions and for videoconferencing.For true freedom lies not in holding, but in letting go; not in receiving, but in giving.Snyder was receiving free publicity from Colman McCarthy.
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