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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecentlyre‧cent‧ly /ˈriːsəntli/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  RECENTLYnot long ago He has recently been promoted to Assistant Manager. a recently published biography Jerry lived in Cairo until quite recently. More recently, he’s appeared in a number of British films.THESAURUSrecently not long ago, especially a few days, weeks, or months agoThe president has recently returned from a tour of South America.A new species of plant was recently discovered in Brazil.lately especially spoken during the recent past, especially during the weeks or days closest to nowI’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t been out much.There hasn’t been much in the news lately.just especially spoken a very short time ago, especially only a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks agoJohn’s just gone out.They’ve just had a new baby.a short/little while ago especially spoken not long ago – often used when you are not sure exactly whenThat house was sold a short while ago.I looked in on her a little while ago and she was fast asleep.the other day spoken recently, especially only a few days agoI met Lucy in town the other day.You’ll never guess what happened to me the other day.freshly made, prepared, done etc not long ago – used especially about food and drink. Also used about things that have just been painted, washed, or dugfreshly baked breadfreshly squeezed orange juiceThe boat had been freshly painted.newly created, built, married etc not long agothe newly created position of Chief Designera newly married coupletheir newly elected president
Examples from the Corpus
recentlyHe lived in Boston until quite recently.Her school work has been much better recently.I haven't been feeling well recently.Congress recently acted to deny trade preferences to countries that fail to meet their legal obligations to end such abusive child labor.The Town of Tortolita recently added Ching to its battery of attorneys by approving a consulting contract.A number of other institutions have recently applied for corporate membership.As recently as the mid sixties, Nelson Rockefeller was considered unsuitable for the presidency because he had once been divorced.More recently, banks have offered customers the opportunity to change to PC or telephone banking.Until recently, commercial fishermen had been allowed to shoot sea lions if they tried to steal their catch.a new species of plant that was only recently discovered in southern BrazilThe priest was a Missionary Brother of Charity who had recently entered the Order.Just recently I've been thinking about changing my job.the recently industrialized countries of Southeast AsiaThe hospital recently installed a new heating system."When did she go back to Italy?" "Oh, very recently - just a couple of days ago."The Fed recently lowered the funds rate to 5. 50 % from 5. 75 %.The President has recently returned from a five day tour of South America.We have heard recently that Trafford is working on the same lines, so we will have to get a move on.Police recently uncovered a ring that was selling crack through two girls living in the tiny town of Downs, population 620.until ... recentlyExactly what they do when at last they reach the sea was unknown until quite recently.The end-products of this explosion are - or were until recently - all around us.In fact medicine has been, at least until recently, built around the practice rather than the job.Internet advertising, until recently flourishing, is hitting its first speed bump.Until recently, Sunrise was viewed on Wall Street as a highflying growth company.Until recently, the society has guarded its isolation.Until recently, the utility generally had to wait to hear of problems until irate customers like Graham called.But, until recently, to produce a professional looking result meant employing professionals to look after the work for you.
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