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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreceptaclere‧cep‧ta‧cle /rɪˈseptəkəl/ noun [countable] formal  CONTAIN/HOLDa container for putting things in a trash receptacle
Examples from the Corpus
receptacleEach slung a tin collecting box over his shoulder and an attendant of the Company carried a receptacle for larger discoveries.It was as if she were a receptacle for the last drops of red.A two-way hatch facilitates the serving of carefully calculated meals and the removal of waste products in the appropriate receptacles!All drinking dishes and all food receptacles must be washed each time before their contents are replenished.A blue sponge of Holy Water in its receptacle just inside the door was frozen solid.Those studies which concentrated on local-central relations ignored local politics because they saw local authorities as mere receptacles for central policy.No collections were taken, but just next to the exit a small receptacle awaited contributions to help pay the rent.He did exactly what he was invited to do, place goods into the receptacle provided.
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