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recessedre‧cessed /rɪˈsest $ ˈriːsest, rɪˈsest/ adjective  DHHfitted into a part of a wall that is further back than the rest of the wall a recessed bookshelf
Examples from the Corpus
recessedThey are held on by recessed bolts and wing-nuts, and are easily removed.These are concealed either within the fitting's baseplate or within the recessed connection box.Special recessed covers are available which allow you to fit a permanent floor covering.Embossing relief images formed by using a recessed die.My chest ached with a child's fear while I cringed in the deeply recessed doorway of North Three.Benches with reversible tops give the option of either a smooth surface or recessed gravel trays for summer and are particularly useful.recessed lightingMany spotlights, recessed lights and other modern fittings are designed to take internally-silvered reflector lamps.These should fit into the well of the recessed window and have a flange which overlaps the edge of the well.
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