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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecessionaryre‧ces‧sion‧a‧ry /rɪˈseʃənəri $ -ʃəneri/ adjective  relating to a recession or likely to cause one recessionary pressures
Examples from the Corpus
recessionaryHowever it, like others, is suffering in the current recessionary climate.Operating profits were strongly ahead at £71.6 million, despite recessionary conditions in a number of our major markets.As such it was badly out of touch with the recessionary mood of the Nineties.The difficulty is that Reagan was an original, promoting an optimistic untested theory in a recessionary period.True, the men at City Hall admit, belts have had to be tightened since a recessionary squeeze in 1991.But in recessionary times, the number of unwanted cats has grown.Quite a feat in these recessionary times.
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