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recipere‧ci‧pe /ˈresəpi/ ●●● S3 noun  1 DFC[countable] a set of instructions for cooking a particular type of foodrecipe for a recipe for tomato soup a recipe book2 be a recipe for something
Examples from the Corpus
recipeThe 45 recipes, developed and explained by Bird, are relatively simple.I'm not a great cook, but I can follow a recipe pretty well.Breadcrumb recipes are welcome but why not stretch to bulgur, rice, millet?rabbit pie made to a traditional country recipeNutrition information is available for existing recipes and can be figured for any added recipe.I've found a really great recipe for barbecue sauce.Remember, nothing here is offered as a blueprint or recipe.My Mum has the recipe for a really delicious prawn curry.Commercial sauerkraut is very salty so there is no additional salt in the recipe.This soup is really good - you must give me the recipe.Could you give me the recipe for that chocolate cake?It might be difficult, very difficult, to reproduce the recipe exactly.The recipes of each sound temptingly exotic and very original.recipe fora recipe for tomato soup
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