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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreclusere‧cluse /rɪˈkluːs $ ˈrekluːs/ noun [countable]  ALONEsomeone who chooses to live alone, and does not like seeing or talking to other people She became a recluse after her two sons were murdered.reclusive /rɪˈkluːsɪv/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
recluseHudson became a recluse after her husband's death.He had been a recluse, completely isolated from the world, for the last ten years.If you don't get out more, you're going to turn into a recluse.She turned into a recluse or something?I became more and more of a recluse, avoiding our old haunts for fear of running into him.They may owe their intact status to the fact that they belong to a recluse.He was a natural recluse who found all human relationships difficult.Many people become human relations victims over and over again without becoming hardened, insensitive or recluses.Old Mr Grimes was a bad-tempered recluse, rarely seen in the town.The recluse is shy, only biting when threatened.
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