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rec‧om‧men‧da‧tion W3
1 [countable] official advice given to someone, especially about what to do:
We will review the case and make a recommendation to the client.
recommendation for
recommendations for school reform
recommendation of
the main recommendations of the report
recommendation that
We are making no recommendation that children should use Standard English.
recommendation to do something
a recommendation to replace the existing system
2 [uncountable] a suggestion to someone that they should choose a particular thing or person that you think is very good
on somebody's recommendation
Academic staff are appointed on the recommendation of a committee.
3 [countable] also letter of recommendation especially American EnglishBESE a formal letter or statement saying that someone would be a suitable person to do a job, take a course of study etc:
Try to get letters of recommendation from bosses and colleagues.

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