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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreconciliationrec‧on‧cil‧i‧a‧tion /ˌrekənsɪliˈeɪʃən/ ●○○ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 ARGUEa situation in which two people, countries etc become friendly with each other again after quarrelling Her ex-husband had always hoped for a reconciliation.reconciliation between/with The meeting achieved a reconciliation between the groups. his reconciliation with his brother The treaty has brought a new spirit of reconciliation on both sides. The leadership announced a programme of national reconciliation (=an attempt by all sides to end a war or trouble in a country).2 the process of finding a way that two beliefs, facts etc that are opposed to each other can both be true or successfulreconciliation between a reconciliation between environment and development
Examples from the Corpus
reconciliationHer ex-husband asked for a reconciliation.Giles is not interested in a reconciliation with his father.Over the past weeks, Milosevic has alternated between repression and reconciliation, and this week was no exception.In almost all relationship conflicts, reconciliation depends upon the creation of a more satisfactory reward system.Imagine a married couple who are estranged from one another, yet who both wistfully long for reconciliation.But Branson was in no mood for reconciliation.A large group of demonstrators stayed up all night praying for reconciliation between the two countries.After years of fighting, there was now a spirit of national reconciliation in South Africa.But they all end up happily together in orgasmic reconciliation.The reconciliation is, with respect, not so straight forward.The couple divorced in 1992, then attempted a yearlong reconciliation starting in May 1993.reconciliation between/withShe too hoped to bring about a reconciliation between the standers and their opponents.The other Albert was Albert Finney, who stars as a successful restaurateur attempting a reconciliation with his playwright brother.On the other hand it can bring about reconciliation between families and friends and a new appreciation of life's true values.The environmental movement is long overdue for some seri-ous soul searching and reconciliation with reality.Moreover, battered women often wind up dropping the charges as reconciliation with the abuser.Janikowski called for reconciliation between the people of the two countries.It is doubtful whether such social occasions bring about any lasting reconciliation between the two groups.In the circumstances of 1921, Michael Joyce would have been ill-advised to seek reconciliation with the new order in Ireland.Economic pressures on forests are immense, placing them on the cutting-edge of the reconciliation between environment and development.
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