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recorded delivery

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecorded deliveryreˌcorded deˈlivery noun [uncountable] British English  if you send a letter or package by recorded delivery, you send it using a service which records that it has been sent and delivered syn certified mail American English
Examples from the Corpus
recorded deliveryGeneral Accident may cancel this policy by sending seven days notice by recorded delivery to your last known address.Witness summonses can be served by post, preferably by recorded delivery.Certificates have for some time been sent in postal tubes by recorded delivery to Divisional Secretaries.We suggested recorded delivery for your own protection.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrecorded deliveryreˌcorded deˈlivery [countable, uncountable] in Britain, a service provided by the POST OFFICE where the person who receives a letter or package signs a document to prove to the sender that they have received itThe package was sent by recorded delivery.a recorded delivery letter compare delivery confirmation delivery
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