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recorderre‧cord‧er /rɪˈkɔːdə $ -ˈkɔːrdər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 cassette recorder/tape recorder/video recorder etc2 APMa simple wooden or plastic musical instrument like a tube with holes in it, which you play by blowing into it and covering different holes with your fingers to change the notes3 SCTa judge in a city court, in some areas of Britain and the US
Examples from the Corpus
recorderFor it is as a member, and a recorder, of the new bourgeoisie that Boilly most deserves our attention.The deed must be filed with the county recorder.the flight data recorderThere remain the specialists who look after the flight recorder side of aircraft accident investigation.a tape recorderAnd as cameras, microphones and tape recorders heated up, here is what immediately happened: Nothing.Recordings of one child with one adult may be made using a domestic tape recorder and a standard microphone.Fonti dictated notes to himself into a small pocket tape recorder.Underneath, attached to his plaid belt, was a small tape recorder.She took her Sony tape recorder out of her bag and placed it down.Disconnecting the wire, Coleman pocketed the recorder, handed the receiver to El-Jorr and walked out of the room.