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recreationrec‧re‧a‧tion /ˌrekriˈeɪʃən/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  DLan activity that you do for pleasure or amusementhobby, pastime, leisure His only recreations are drinking beer and watching football. the provision of recreation facilities (=places or equipment for people to use to enjoy themselves)recreation ground/area/room a recreation area for children to play insee thesaurus at funrecreational adjective recreational activities
Examples from the Corpus
recreationThey see the outdoors as a recreation activity, not a job opportunity.The Dallas Parks and Recreation Department operates a full-service recreation center 24 hours a day, for people who work odd shifts.The directors of finance, human resources and the parks and recreation departments would no longer need this approval.The afternoons at the conference were left free for recreation.Increasingly, the use of land for recreation is a feature of the Pentland Hills.Families use the space for recreation.Then the Council needs to look at its pricing structure for recreation and other services.Until now the area of freshwater recreation has been sadly neglected.Hiltons also gave the lower recreation ground to the parish in exchange for land elsewhere.Vancouver is a city more in tune with outdoor recreation than cultural institutions.recreation facilitiesIs social development any more than the provision of village halls and recreation facilities?Street improvements and improvements in park and recreation facilities were widespread among the neighborhoods phased in by the second-year stage.But they also use many city services, from the Community Center to Tucson parks and recreation facilities.Britain even lagged behind the United States in the provision of industrial recreation facilities.They can also help to make exercise opportunities available to their elderly clients by encouraging local recreation facilities to provide special classes.Most recreation facilities like swimming pools and sports halls are under their control.They have begun to offer their customers choices-of schools, of recreation facilities, even of police services.
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