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rectilinearrec‧ti‧lin‧e‧ar /ˌrektəˈlɪniə◂ $ -ər◂/ adjective technical  CFHMconsisting of straight lines
Examples from the Corpus
rectilinearVolcanic lines and clusters also exhibit patterning at the regional and local scale with both radial and rectilinear arrangements being found.As dissolution proceeds, a honeycomb texture may result, particularly where a mineral has near rectilinear cleavages.It was even discovered that if the system were tinkered with enough, rectilinear figures could be produced.Planar growth and decline Unless stated to the contrary, all rotary generations in these examples are clockwise on a rectilinear grid.The Mercator projection gives a popular, rectilinear picture of the Earth's surface but grossly exaggerates dimensions near the poles.Together with circular and rectilinear stock watering ponds, they form distinctive elements of lowland landscapes.Further rectilinear structures associated with Flavian material were also located in 1985 closer to the town.
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