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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecumbentre‧cum‧bent /rɪˈkʌmbənt/ adjective formal  LIE DOWNlying down on your back or side
Examples from the Corpus
recumbentHe could not, for he was lying recumbent and unconscious on the carefully tended garden.And there was Iris Sunderby's recumbent body sprawled in the back.He searched the recumbent form of his captive roughly and, straightening, tossed a slim package to Alexei.She attacks, but never lets herself be drawn too far away from the recumbent, moaning body of her mistress.To his horror, he discerned a recumbent shape at the side of the line.One must have served as a recumbent tombstone, since it has a slot at one end to hold a vertical cross.Midwestern tourists stopped to consider the recumbent women.
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