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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecurrencere‧cur‧rence /rɪˈkʌrəns $ -ˈkɜːr-/ ●○○ noun [countable usually singular, uncountable] formal  HAPPENan occasion when something that has happened before happens againrecurrence of after the recurrence of a back problem Measures must be taken to stop a recurrence of last night’s violence.
Examples from the Corpus
recurrenceThere is a recurrence rate of approximately 20 %, sometimes requiring repetition of the procedure.It has been further postulated that pouchitis represents a recurrence of ulcerative colitis in reservoirs with colonic metaplasia.Somers resumed running, battled recurrences of the knee problem and practiced law for eight years.During recurrence, dilatation was done without any radiological evaluation of the oesophagus.Nevertheless the absence of recurrence during long term follow up will be required to exclude underlying idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease.These results suggest that the loss of intercellular communication mediated by gap junctions may be associated with the recurrence of gastric ulcers.A more accurate analysis of ulcer recurrence can be derived using lifetable analysis.recurrence ofJob stress may cause a recurrence of the condition.
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