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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishred-facedˌred-ˈfaced adjective  EMBARRASSEDembarrassed or ashamed Red-faced officials ordered an investigation into the accident.see thesaurus at embarrassed
Examples from the Corpus
red-facedWhen she tried to be cheerful she ended up flustered and red-faced, clammy all over.A stolid, red-faced clergyman without wit or humour, he contrived to make any and every subject dull.His long screaming charge ended with him red-faced, gasping for breath - and with Viola Angotti pinned against the garbage cans.And inside the suit sat a large merry red-faced gentleman.The girl screamed, and a stout, red-faced man suddenly appeared behind her and opened the door wider.A balding red-faced man walked down the steps from the doorway.Most of the red-faced men are too spent from overwork and alcohol to be a problem.A red-faced Meyer apologized for his choice of words.Once back in Paris, red-faced party leaders hurried to repair the damage.
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