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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishred-hotˌred-ˈhot adjective  1 a) TIHOTmetal or rock that is red-hot is so hot that it shines red The poker glowed red-hot in the fire. b) informalHOT very hot Be careful with those plates – they’re red-hot.2 informalEXCITED extremely active, exciting, or interesting a red-hot news story The Braves have been red-hot in the last few games.3 a red-hot feeling is very strong red-hot anger4 red-hot favourite
Examples from the Corpus
red-hotA red-hot finger of lava was slowly advancing toward the house, lapping the edge of the back lawn.Within each mold had lain intricate hollows; now they are filled with red-hot iron, slowly cooling.Red-hot lava flowed down the sides of the volcano.One of the last great red-hot liberals addressed the Democratic convention Tuesday, but he was something of an afterthought.Their friendship turned into a red-hot love affair.One kid tried to brand my arm with a red-hot lump of metal.Their run for the title may be too late, but they are the red-hot team of the moment.He was struggling to keep conscious as red-hot waves of nausea washed over him.
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