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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishredistributionre‧dis‧tri‧bu‧tion /ˌriːdɪstrəˈbjuːʃən/ AWL noun [uncountable]  the act of redistributing something, especially money or landredistribution of a major redistribution of land
Examples from the Corpus
redistributionOne significant cause has been a redistribution of income towards richer people on a scale without parallel this century.Policies of economic redistribution to the less well off met with resistance from skilled workers at a time of low economic growth.Servicing private capital in this way is usually a matter of job redistribution rather than job creation.Labour's concern should be with the initial distribution of wealth, rather than with a posthoc redistribution.With some redistribution of our current gas uses it should be possible to accommodate even greater levels of oil displacement.Once again, the redistribution is completely arbitrary and hence potentially unjust.This frequently necessitated the redistribution and scattering of men who formerly worked in one department and under one roof.The pursuit of equity through redistribution taxation is not the only distortion that can lead to allocative inefficiency.
From Longman Business Dictionaryredistributionre‧dis‧tri‧bu‧tion /ˌriːdɪstrəˈbjuːʃən/ noun [uncountable]ECONOMICS when a country’s wealth and income are shared out more equally among people, especially as a deliberate effect of a government’s tax systemThis government is committed to a redistribution of income and wealth.
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