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refectoryre‧fec‧to‧ry /rɪˈfektəri/ noun (plural refectories) [countable] British English  SEa large room in a school, college etc where meals are served and eaten syn cafeteria American English
Examples from the Corpus
refectoryThe characters should be in a shabby flat, seated at a refectory table, facing the audience.Fifteen serving staff work in the main refectory with four waitresses in the staff dining room.We breakfasted in the small refectory of the abbot's guest house on light ale and spiced oatmeal heated with boiling milk.The gala opening by Brian Blessed in 1999 was followed immediately by the start of work on a new student refectory.Over the Time Lord's shoulder, Bernice saw that the refectory was full.All had gone from there to the refectory.The refectory where meals were served was still a bit daunting.
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