Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: referre 'to bring back, report, refer', from ferre 'to carry'


reā€§fer S1 W1 past tense and past participle referred, present participle referring

refer to somebody/something

phrasal verb
1 to mention or speak about someone or something:
We agreed never to refer to the matter again.
Although she didn't mention any names, everyone knew who she was referring to.
refer to somebody/something as
He likes to be referred to as 'Doctor Khee'.
refer to somebody/something by
The hospital now refers to patients by name, not case number.
2 to look at a book, map, piece of paper etc for information:
He gave the speech without referring to his notes.
3 if a statement, number, report etc refers to someone or something, it is about that person or thing:
The figures refer to our sales in Europe.

refer somebody/something to somebody

to send someone or something to a person or organization to be helped or dealt with:
My doctor is referring me to a dermatologist.
My complaint was referred to the manufacturers.

refer somebody to something

formal to tell someone where to find information:
Readers are referred to the bibliography for further information.

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